That wishlist got out of hand?
Customers now demand the comfort and ease they know from their smartphones for all their products.
Fulfill the fanciest features with confidence: build upon a secure medical device platform and leverage our mobile and AI SDKs.

Satisfy customers before they hack you

The past decade saw a slew of technological advancement: smart devices are everywhere, and consumers are increasingly demanding. Tweaking medical devices to better fulfil their needs seems to be a favourite past time for patients. Initiatives like #WeAreNotWaiting turned to hack insulin pumps to gain the comfort they expect.
These efforts revealed and exploited various security flaws.
While the efforts of these initiatives are admirable, their consequences for manufacturers are not: usability and customer satisfaction should not rely on security flaws. A cybersecurity flaw can swiftly evolve into patient safety threat and lead to a costly product recall.
Customer demands are rising

New features take time

Fulfil your customer's dreams and provide the comfort and interoperability they crave without increasing development time or cost. You can implement offline use and interoperability by using PROREGIA's rapid medical device development framework while enjoying stellar cybersecurity and safety features.
Our SDK components not only look good but are accessible as well. Gain and provide new insights by applying machine learning to data and harvest medical data for research in an easy to use, privacy law* conforming way.
* GDPR, HIPAA, ...
You are under pressure, PROREGIA is here to help

Smile! Your customers will be smiling, too.

Have your cake and eat it too

Usability, development speed and safety used to be mutually exclusive. Now you can have your cake and eat it too! You can modernise your product line in record time, satisfy customer gravings and sleep soundly.

You are busy, PROREGIA is here to help