forewarned is forearmed
Protect your medical devices against
cybersecurity threats.
Our technical services offer you a fined grained set of cybersecurity assessments suitable for any product lifecycle phase. Whether you have a product in the field, are planning a new product, or want to diversify by investing a start-up or established partner, we've got you covered. One size does not fit all, so all our services can be tailored to your precise needs.

Technical Services

Technical Due Diligence

Whether you want to take stock of your current medical device line-up or assess a potential partner, we are here to help. We analyse system architectures, hardware, firmware, backend systems and (mobile) applications at any stage from conception to in-market product.
You will receive a detailed report and actionable items for improvement of flaws. But we are not a paper tiger: our team of experts will guide you at every step during the transition — as much support as you want, tailored to your specific needs.
Deal or dud? Do your technical due dilligence!

Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Are you planning a connected medical device? Our Cyber Security Assessment has you covered: system architecture review and detailed analysis of (mobile) application and server architectures will catch potential cybersecurity vulnerabilities early.
You can save time and cost with our actionable improvement suggestions and rely on our expert team to guide you through any cybersecurity rapids you might encounter.
You are busy, PROREGIA is here to help

Penetration Testing

In the past two years, the FDA had to recall several connected medical devices. Is your product secure enough to withstand a cyberattack? Our experts will try to hack wireless connections, mobile applications and server systems without any prior insight.
We do not only list the vulnerabilities but provide actionable mitigation and repair strategies.
You are busy, PROREGIA is here to help