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Are you using technology to your best advantage? Our potential check services will get you up to Internet speed. Can you deploy your systems with confidence at a moment's notice? Do you want to break into Artificial Intelligence, but are unsure where to start?

Potential Check

Agile Development and DevOps

Are you developing at Internet speed? Would you like to try Agile Development but are unsure where to start? Heard about DevOps but could not see how it relates to medical device development?
Our experts analyse your development processes and infrastructure and coach you towards continuous improvement. Develop, test and deploy with confidence, even at a moments notice, because cybercriminals will not wait till you had enough time to counter a vulnerability.
You are busy, PROREGIA is here to help

Artificial Intelligence

Did you ever wonder what medical data can do for you? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already in the mainstream and fast progressing into the medical and pharmaceutical sector. AI algorithms can now be approved as a medical device.
Find out what AI, and your data can do for you. We provide data analysis and evaluate possible uses of AI for your product portfolio.
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Are your processes not only certified but efficient? Could you do better by leveraging new technology? Are you facing product fraud? There is a pill/digital technology for that.
Technological change is accelerating and transforming whole industries: enterprises that do not react fast enough, risk to be left in the dust. We analyse and improve your digital processes to make sure you are a market leader.
You are busy, PROREGIA is here to help