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Cybersecurity pre‑market and post‑market services
Our compliance services cover every product lifecycle phase. Whether you want to launch a new product or surveil devices already in the field, we've got you covered. Together with our Partner QUAREGIA GmbH we provide compliance with a strong focus on cybersecurity.

Compliance Services

Post Market Surveillance

The Internet changed everything, especially software development. The average modern mobile app or server systems depends on dozens or hundreds of third-party modules. All these dependencies can and probably will suffer security vulnerabilities, that ultimately might affect your devices' safety.
We can analyse your Software Bill of Material (BOM) and keep track of vulnerabilities in your dependencies. We will notify you and provide you with mitigation strategies in a very timely manner.
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Cybersecurity Verification and Validation

Are you planning to enter a new market? Do you think about the US, but the newly introduced, more stringent, cybersecurity recommendations left you unsettled?
Together with our partner QUAREGIA, we prepare you to pass medical device certification in various countries.
You are busy, PROREGIA is here to help