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Customers are increasingly demanding: trend prediction, visualisation, image recognition, ... if a free app can do it, they'll expect your medical device to do it as well. Jump-start connected medical device development with PROREGIA's SDKs for user management, data handling and visualisation, secure storage and artificial intelligence.

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Secure Storage

Smartphones are untrustworthy: Keep your data safe with secure storage. While smartphones offer highly secure storage options, these options mostly go unused, because regular apps hardly need this level of security. Medical device applications, especially those that allow dosing, must keep their data secure. Smartphone secure storage plays a crucial role in all smartphone mediated offline device use and can facilitate secure 3rd party interaction. PROREGIA's secure storage SDK takes the hassle out of storage and ensures a cross-platform secure storage solution.

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User Management

User management is not only painful but also a common source of security breaches. As of 2020, user management is a problem of the past. The advent of social login freed the modern web developer of the once dreaded burden. User management can now be achieved in a matter of hours instead of weeks. Unfortunately, social login is not an option for medical applications. Still, PROREGIA's user management SDK provides the same level of comfort as social login with the added advantage of being GDPR and HIPAA compliant.

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Data Handling and Visualisation

Everybody likes fancy graphs, but you don't need to reinvent the wheel. Delight product management and dazzle your customers with interactive charts.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence will change the medical device industry. Stay ahead of the competition with the AI SDK. While artificial intelligence applications can now be approved as a medical device, you can use AI to gain insights into your wealth of medical data without seeking official approval. Whether you want to detect operational irregularities or predict customer behaviour, PROREGIA's machine learning SDK has got you covered.

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