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Save time and effort with reference implementations
Customers are increasingly demanding: smartphone apps, cloud data sync, artificial intelligence. If a consumer device can do it, they'll expect your medical device to do it as well. Jump-start connected medical device development with PROREGIA's reference implementations for hardware and software.

Reference Implementations

Hardware & Firmware

Coming in 2020: BLE enabled multipurpose board. Featuring secure element backed cryptography, a modern real-time operating system and OTA updatable firmware. Medical device development has never been more fun.

Don't wrestle with keys

Build & Test Infrastructure

Agile development and DevOps is the new normal. Internet software is always at risk from cyberattacks. Therefore vulnerabilities need to be fixed as soon as possible, preferably within a couple of hours or days. A timely turnaround requires build and test automation, also known as continuous integration and deployment. We bring the power of modern cloud development toolchains to the embedded world: develop faster and deploy with confidence with PROREGIA's build server.

Build faster, be saver

Cloud Computing

Your customers' medical data is sensitive. We understand that, and our cloud platform will not only keep it save but private. Cloud providers offer a wealth of methods and tools to limit and track access to sensitive data. GDPR and HIPAA compliant, hosted in the EU.

Ensure update compliance with over-the-air updates