Security and Comfort
Save time and effort with security modules
Connecting a medical device to the Internet of medical things requires a lot of changes. Connected medical devices face significantly more risks than their standalone cousins. They thus necessitate numerous cybersecurity defences. We developed various modules to ease the transition into the Internet of medical things. Most of these modules aim to separate security measures from business logic, but others provide creature comforts to developers and product managers.

end2end Modules

Key Management & Provisioning

Don't hire a wrestler to wrangle cryptographic keys. We support all common secure elements.

Device-specific cryptographic operations are the only surefire way to stop an attack from scaling. Our key management encompasses hardware-based keys inside secure elements, HSMs, trust-zones and software emulations for legacy hardware. Cryptographic keys are generated inside the device at provisioning time. Public keys are forwarded to the asset management module.

Don't wrestle with keys

Asset Management

Track your devices and detect counterfeited products immediately.

Product counterfeiting has permeated all industries with significant profit margins and will soon reach the medical device industry. The only thing worse than losing business to counterfeiters is being held responsible for their mistakes. A strong, cryptographically ensured digital identity paired with an asset management system makes counterfeiting impossible and will protect you from unjustified claims.

Your product managers will love the dashboards: instant insights to version distribution, active devices, update rollout and uptake.

Find black sheeps

Over-the-air Firmware Updates

Every connected device requires updates. Improve update compliance with fast and secure Over-the-air Firmware updates.

Updates are crucial for any connected device. But the best update will only help, it was installed. Over-the-air (OTA) firmware updates significantly improve usability and thus uptake. The asset management keeps track of all installed versions, and the dashboard provides real-time insight into the uptake.

Ensure update compliance with over-the-air updates

Secure Transport Layer

Don't trust the smartphone in the middle. It's a personal device, not a secure one.

Using a smartphone as a remote control for a medical device is an obvious choice, but fraught with security risks; online systems are much easier to secure. Smartphone apps can be freely downloaded and disassembled. Therefore they must never contain passwords, cryptographic keys or algorithms to generate the first two. Secure communication between app and device needs to involve the backend at some point.

Secure data and commands in transit

3rd Party Integration

Interact with style and security.

Send the picture of your kids to your parents, forward the report to your co-worker, discuss the latest sales data online - our lives revolve around data sharing. And it's not only us, but it's also your customers. Your customers grave the same effortless interaction for their medical devices. Of course, medical data should not end up on social media networks, and you don't want just anybody taking control of your customer's pacemaker. But there has to be a middle ground: PROREGIA's highly secure 3rd party interaction framework brings traceable and non-reputable interaction to your business or medical partners. Give your customers the connectivity they need without giving your legal department a heart attack.

3rd integrations made easy and secure

Telemetry, Monitoring, Insight Gaining

Learn about customer behaviour or detect problems before your customers do.

Devices in the field provide a plethora of information, but hardly anyone bothers to access this treasure trove. Realworld usage data improves product development and can alert you to problems before you read about them on the Internet. You can extract surprising insights from quality data by using statistical methods or even Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Patience compliance is a hot topic among public health officials and health insurance providers. You can enter into lucrative partnerships by expanding your product to offer patient compliance services.

Secure data and commands in transit

App Authentication

Protect your customer, protect yourself!

Phishing is the single most dangerous and widely underestimated attack on customer-centric devices. Once your device ecosystem contains a mobile app, you and your customer are at risk from phishing attacks. If you cannot tell your app from an imposter app, how can your customer or medical device do so? With our easily integrated cross-platform app authentication solution, your device can be sure that it is talking to the official app.

Ensure update compliance with over-the-air updates