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Secure end-2-end framework for connected medical devices
Don't sacrifice security for comfort, don't sacrifice comfort for security. With PROREGIA's secure end-2-end framework you can enjoy both, and speed up development, verification and validation, too.

end2end framework Product Range Overview

reduce complexity

PROREGIA's secure framework for connected medical devices, encapsulates cybersecurity measures inside easy to use modules, SDKs and cloneable reference implementations. Get started with a tailored cybersecurity concept and architecture and use as many or as little modules as you need. Enjoy multi-layered cybersecurity defences without reinventing the wheel.

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gain instant approval

Our well documented, state-of-the art cybersecurity framework relies on best-practises from the banking, automotive, and telecommunication industry and will satisfy even the most selective requirements such as FDA Tier 1 device approval.

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component families

Our flexible component model can support any product in any ecosystem. PROEGIA offers componets for hardware and firmware, (mobile) application development, server systems and manufacturing and provisioning. Learn more about the components on their dedicated pages:

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The following interactive Framework map might be bit fiddly on mobile devices; we apologise. You can reach the same information in a more mobile friendly way by using the links above.

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Production HSM Backend Phone/PC Medical Device Secure Element Cybersecurity Concept Cybersecurity and Secure Interface Architecture Build and Test Infrastructure Reference Hardware Reference Cloud Implementation Key Management Key Management/Provisioning Asset Management Asset Management OTA Firmware Update Secure Transport Layer Secure Offline Use Secure 3rd party Integration, ACE Telemetry, Monitoring, Insight Gaining App Authentication Secure Storage User Mgmt Data SDK AI SDK Your Product