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COVID-19 ruined our photo shoot, but not our spirit

We are practising social distancing in our home offices, but we are open for business. Feel free to contact us anytime.
PROREGIA Founders in COVID-19 virtual board meeting


PROREGIA is a Swiss company specialising in digitalisation services for life science industries. Its founders and owners have decades of experience in safety and security-conscious industries such as life sciences, banking, government and telecommunications, as well as automotive and aerospace. They decided to join forces as PROREGIA AG, incorporated in 2020.


Kirchbannstrasse 18
4703 Kestenholz
+41 44 586 24 00

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CEO, QA & RA Specialist
Mathias T. Eng, Dipl. Ing. FH, MAS Computer Science
Mathias has been a Quality and Regulatory Affairs Professional since 2001. He firmly believes that medical device manufactures and other players in the life science industries will benefit tremendously by thorough digitalisation.
System Analyst, Cybersecurity Expert
Larissa Naber, Dr. DI., Technical Physics and Computer Science, TU Wien
Larissa fell in love with the Internet & WWW back in 1991 and has been applying web technologies to measurement, government and health systems ever since. She also likes to analyse complex systems for hidden security flaws.
Backend and Data Architect
Daniel Jahre, Dipl. Inf., Technical Information Science, TU Chemnitz
Daniel enjoys designing large scale distributed systems in heterogenous government or healthcare environments. If you ever felt over-, under- or differently-whelmed by your data, he will organise it in various common, or not-so-common, databases.
System Architect
Christian Kantner, Dipl. Ing., Electrical Engineering and Telecommunication, TU Wien
Christian has been Embedded Security and Payment Professional since 1998. He has designed satellite phones and payment systems, which might seem like an odd combination, but both rely on embedded security. Not only will your data travel in a secure and tamper-proof way, but you will be able to charge your customers for the safe passage.